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Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth began singing in her local church choir, under the directorship of Geoff Walker, in 2000, before undertaking singing lessons from Susan Turner LSM a few years later. Sarah's voice rapidly developed into a Classical Coloratura Soprano; she began performing at wedding ceremonies and was also a member of various choirs, including Henley Chamber Choir and Ipswich Chamber Choir. After completing her Music A Level at 6th Form and Grade 8 singing with ABRSM, Sarah studied for her BA(Hons) degree in Music at the Colchester Institute from which she graduated in October 2013 with a 2:1.  Aside from consistently achieving high marks in performance examinations throughout university, harmonies are what Sarah really excels at and, whilst studying for her music degree, Sarah consistently achieved 1st class marks in her aural examinations.  Sarah founded The Three Chordettes after being approached to organise a group to perform Andrews Sisters' hits as part of a productions by Six Acre Productions (


Sarah is registered with a London-based vocal agency and regularly records remotely for the agency's projects. 

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